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Mold Inspection Sciences Helps Dr. Phil

Thursday, 29 Mar 2018

To help a woman who claimed to be allergic to almost everything determine if there are allergens in her house, Dr. Phil contacted Mold Inspection Sciences to do a thorough inspection of her home. You probably won’t be surprised at what we found. Dr.Phil Show aired on 28 March 2018 Once we completed the inspection […]


Why I Do What I Do

Saturday, 23 Sep 2017

I have been getting a lot of questions lately such as “Do you like what you do?” or “What made you get into mold inspecting?”. Typically, my clients are asking me this as I pull myself out of a damp, spider-ridden crawlspace, or itchy, 120-degree attic. And although I may not love spiders, tight places, […]


Strange Odor Leads to Unpleasant Discovery

Friday, 09 Dec 2016

I arrived on site and met with my client. I wore street clothes as she didn’t want any of her neighbors or board members of her homeowners’ association knowing she is having a mold inspection performed. She said she bought her condominium about seven months ago and noticed an odor which she thought was wet […]


How Things Went from Bad to Worse: A Client’s Story

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2016

We performed a mold assessment for a family whose home experienced significant water intrusion in November of 2015.  Our clients were in the process of having their roof replaced when a fast moving storm came in just after their old roof had been torn off.  The roofing company installed tarps on the unfinished areas of […]


What If There’s mold On My belongings?

Wednesday, 08 Jun 2016

Many times when clients’ tests come back positive for mold growth, the next concern typically is “I think mold may be on my belongings. Can I get rid of the mold or do I have to throw my belongings away?” The small porous stuff (such as clothing, stuffed animals, bedding, etc.) can easily be washed. […]


What if the Mold Is In My Walls?

Friday, 15 Apr 2016

I get these questions a lot: what if the mold is in my walls, and how will you find it. First, let me say- good question! This is a common concern and you are not alone, so let me see if I can explain. It is not uncommon for us to get a call that […]


How We Helped a College Student and His Mother Battle Mold

Thursday, 31 Mar 2016

Being in the environmental consulting field, we encounter all sorts of situations and all types of people.  We regularly work with homeowners who believe they may have a problem and help them to set forth a course of action when issues are found, we assist people after cleanup projects have occurred in verifying that work […]


September, 2013 – Colorado Flood Series Part II

Friday, 14 Mar 2014

I wanted to start our series by discussing the different ways in which homes and businesses were affected by the moisture. A lot of situations were unique, but I think we can summarize them into three main categories, the first being rainwater: Many structures were affected by the rainwater directly. What I mean by that […]


September, 2013 – Colorado Flood Series

Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

In early September of 2013, Colorado was struck by intense rains and flooding. It was a once in a lifetime event (or at least we hope) for most of us who were present and witnessed the events first hand. The National Weather Service sure seems to think so, calling the storm a once-in-a-millennium event. Rains […]


Mold Sampling

Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

A complete mold investigation typically consists of two parts, 1) the physical investigation and 2) the collection of microbial samples (mold sampling). The physical investigation should be performed by a certified microbial investigator who not only takes into account the visual evidence but also uses specialized moisture detection equipment in an effort to understand conditions […]


Fungal Data Interpretation – Part II – Effects of Tossing a Moldy Apple Pie into the Trash Before Mold Air Sampling

Tuesday, 23 Oct 2012

This post is the second blog posting in a series based on information presented in a webinar by Dave Gallup, co-founder of EMLab P&K.  The topic of the webinar was Fungal Data Interpretation.  The two-hour presentation covered many interesting topics that are relevant to mold inspection and testing companies as well as the general public that are facing […]


Avoid Scare Tactics within the Mold Industry

Tuesday, 09 Oct 2012

Unfortunately, there are a lot of “Scare Tactics” used within the microbial investigation and mold remediation industry. As with any industry, there are always going to be people out there who try and scare people into using their services. They may do so by embellishing facts, giving misinformation or by simply telling you things that […]


Buying a Home with Potential Mold and Moisture Problems

Monday, 27 Aug 2012

I know a lot of people have heard horror stories out there to the effect of a mold contaminated home will always be contaminated, or that a home that had previous mold will be “red flagged” in some way and it will affect the value or resale of a home. But, in reality most mold […]


The Basics of Mold Remediation – Part III of III – Final Cleaning of the Containment and Affected Areas

Wednesday, 08 Aug 2012

See my posts “The Basics of Mold Remediation – Part I of III – Containment of the Affected Area” as well as “The Basics of Mold Remediation – Part II of III – Gross Removal of Mold Growth and Impacted Materials” for background information important for understanding this part of the mold remediation process. At […]


The Basics of Mold Remediation – Part II of III – Gross Removal of Mold Growth and Impacted Materials

Thursday, 07 Jun 2012

See my post “The Basics of Mold Remediation – Part I of III – Containment of the Affected Area” for background information important for understanding this part of the mold remediation process. At this point in our process, the mold impacted area has been isolated from all non-affected adjacent living spaces. This was accomplished by […]


Fungal Data Interpretation – Part I – Effects of Vacuuming Carpets Before Mold Air Sampling

Thursday, 07 Jun 2012

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a webinar presented by Dave Gallup, co-founder of EMLab P&K.  The topic of the webinar was Fungal Data Interpretation.  The two-hour presentation covered many interesting topics that are relevant to mold inspection and testing companies as well as the general public that are facing mold problems in their home or […]


Attic Mold – Common Causes and Cures

Friday, 11 May 2012

Mold in attic areas can be challenging at times in regards to determining the exact cause and source of mold growth. However, there are some common conditions that we routinely find during our Mold Investigations that contribute to mold growth in attics. Roof Leaks Penetrations in roof systems are common sources of water intrusion into […]


The Basics of Mold Remediation – Part I of III – Containment of the Affected Area

Friday, 11 May 2012

One of the main intents of an initial mold inspection is to identify whether or not you have a mold problem. This can obviously lead to one of two outcomes: 1) You do not have a mold problem and your concerns were alleviated through a thorough mold inspection and/or testing, or 2) You do have […]


I Think I Have a Mold Problem — Where Do I Start? What Do I Do?

Monday, 07 May 2012

It’s not everyday that people have to deal with a potential mold problem.  For most people, the thought of a mold problem in the home or workplace is scary and confusing.  There is so much information on the Internet, much of it is conflicting and lots of it is wrong.  Questions that come to people’s […]


5 Critical Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Mold Inspector

Sunday, 22 Apr 2012

Choosing a mold consulting company can be a difficult process; especially when you have health concerns regarding your indoor environment.  You may be thinking to yourself…can I trust this company?  Will they follow through with what they promise on their website or over the phone?  Are they qualified to determine if I have a mold […]


The Importance of an Outside Control Sample

Thursday, 19 Apr 2012

Part of a proper mold investigation, is collecting ambient air samples in relation to suspect conditions within a home. This helps us determine if there are “suspect” or “elevated” airborne mold spore types and/or concentrations. This not only helps us in determining if hidden mold sources are likely, it helps us determine the overall impact […]


The Best and Most Trusted Mold Inspection and Testing Related Certifications

Thursday, 19 Apr 2012

The ACAC offers the best, accredited certification programs available for mold inspectors. Many mold inspectors simply have a “training certificate”. There is a difference between “training certificates” and accredited certifications. Training is vocational schooling. When a student completes a training course, he/she earns a training certificate or diploma. The student owns the training certificate and […]


Invasive Exploration for Mold

Thursday, 05 Apr 2012

The majority of our mold and moisture investigations are considered “non-invasive”.  This means that our inspectors do not cut open walls and ceilings, we don’t remove bathroom or kitchen fixtures, nor do we lift carpeting or flooring materials.  There are two primary reasons for this approach.  Number one, if there is hidden mold, we don’t […]


We Live, Eat and Breathe Mold

Saturday, 31 Mar 2012

The other day, I was on a call with a client. We had performed a mold inspection and microbial testing for them, and their results were… let’s say less than typical. There were a lot of possibilities, and sources, and we talked through all of their options as far as moving forward. At the end […]


Common Mold Myths- Part 2

Thursday, 22 Mar 2012

There are many misconceptions regarding mold.  Here are a few more common mold myths. Myth # 4:  Mold growth cannot be controlled in bathrooms One of the most common areas to find mold is in bathrooms.  The following are a few tips to prevent or significantly reduce mold growth in bathrooms: The first and most […]


Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Thursday, 22 Mar 2012

Clients often ask us “what are the symptoms of mold exposure”?  Below are some of the common symptoms: Respiratory problems; including difficulty breathing, wheezing, shortness of breath; Sinus and nasal congestion and irritation; Irritation of the eyes — watery, burning, red; Coughing; Sore and/or dry throat; Skin rashes and irritations; Problems with sense of smell; […]


Good Mold vs. Bad Mold

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2012

Being in the mold inspection industry, we get asked all the time: “Is it good mold or bad mold”. To be honest, this is a tough question to answer. I think instead of looking at it as good vs. bad, it should really be lumped into 3 categories: Good, Normal, and Bad. Let’s start with […]


Common Mold Myths

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012

There is an abundant amount of information available at our fingertips regarding mold.  Much of it is relevant, accurate and useful information.  The problem is that even the experts differ in opinion on some topics.  As a Certified Mold Inspector, I see many different situations and unusual conditions in homes, apartments and businesses.  I also hear comments and read information that sometimes […]


Why You Need a Mold Inspection – Part II

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012

This is my second posting in the series “Why You Need a Mold Inspection” From my last post: “One of the most common questions our offices receive is “Why do I need a mold inspection?  Won’t mold sampling and testing tell me what I need?”  From our experiences over the last 10 years, which includes […]


Proper Mold Assessment and Removal Process

Thursday, 23 Feb 2012

Mold within your home is typically considered to be…, you guessed it, a bad thing. Molds can begin to grow in a number of different ways, and can grow on many different things. When a mold problem is found, the safest and most effective way of addressing the issue is with a three step process […]


Why You Need a Mold Inspection – Part I

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2012

One of the most common questions our offices receive is “Why do I need a mold inspection?  Won’t mold sampling and testing tell me what I need?”  From our experiences over the last 10 years, which includes tens of thousands of mold inspection projects across five states, we consider the mold inspection to account for […]


Allergen Testing

Thursday, 16 Feb 2012

Do you know the allergen levels inside your home? If you’ve been diagnosed with allergies you may have an increased sensitivity to certain allergens. Knowing what levels of allergens that are present inside your home is the first step in determining if you are being exposed to allergens that may be causing adverse physical conditions.  […]


Ambient Air Sampling

Thursday, 09 Feb 2012

During a proper mold investigation, ambient air sampling is a very important part of the investigation.  You can think of air sampling, as a way of telling us what we can’t see with our naked eyes.  But, before we can understand why this important, perhaps we should take a step back, and get to know […]


Mold Inspection and Testing Testimonials for our Colorado Operations

Monday, 06 Feb 2012

I started my company, Mold Inspection Sciences, over 9 years ago when the entire company was just me.  My responsibilities included inspections and testing, client relations, marketing, accounting, and everything else required to run a business.  Back then, I just loved getting good feedback from one of my clients.  My company now has 20 employees and […]


What is a “free” mold inspection?

Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012

How many times in life do we really get something of value for free?  Not very often… The same holds true for a “free” mold inspection.  There are two primary, and necessary, services when it comes to indoor mold problems — mold inspection and testing and mold remediation (mold clean-up).  Those two services should be […]


Dealing with Mold Problems – Advice for Renters

Thursday, 17 Nov 2011

Our company receives calls every day from people who are concerned about mold in their residence.  Many of these people are renters.  When you are renting property that you believe may have a mold problem, you are faced with a unique set of issues.  For most folks, their primary concern is for their health and […]


Mold wiki – All About Mold

Sunday, 23 Jan 2011

Mold Inspection Sciences recently released its first wiki.  This will allow us to share valuable information with our clients and all folks on the Internet! One of the most important sections of the wiki is our section about Mold and your health.  In this section, you can read published, current, peer reviewed documents related to […]


Mold Inspection Sciences Launches Pacific Northwest Operations

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011

In the last quarter of 2010, Mold Inspection Sciences opened operations in the Seattle-Tacoma areas of Washington and the Portland-Vancouver areas of Oregon.  We are excited about working in this beautiful area of the country.  Mr. Brandon Apple is the project manager for both of these new markets.  He can be reached at [email protected] Contact […]


Heavy January 2010 rains in California causing mold problems

Friday, 05 Feb 2010

The heavy rains we recently experienced in Southern California remind me of the rains of 2005. In 2005, we were flooded with calls from home owners and business owners about mold and water damage. The bulk of the calls started occurning about 2 months after the heavy rains. This is when people started noticing the […]


Mold Inspection Sciences Launches Dallas Fort Worth Office

Saturday, 19 Sep 2009

Mold Inspection Sciences opens Dallas and Fort Worth mold inspection office


World Health Organizations Guidelines on Mold and Moisture

Tuesday, 25 Aug 2009

World Health Organization releases book on mold and moisture and how they impact indoor environments. Be careful, mold can make you sick!


Mold Inspection Sciences – Colorado company gets great review on ServiceMagic

Sunday, 23 Aug 2009

Colorado toxic mold inspection company gets great review on


Mold Inspection Sciences launches Colorado operations

Saturday, 22 Aug 2009

Mold Inspection Sciences is now serving the Denver and Boulder areas of Colorado.


What to look for when choosing a toxic mold inspection company

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2009

Most people are baffled and confused when it comes to selecting the best mold inspection company for their needs. For many folks, trust and credentials are of utmost importance. Who can you trust? What credentials should a company have? Here are some key things to look for...


Mold Inspection Sciences blog launch

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2009

Mold Inspection Sciences launches their blog on WordPress!


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